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But the way she answered my questions makes me believe even more than before that my friend is being punished by her mom and my mom could very well be present adlut. You asked whether I want my friend to know I am spanked so publicly. Even though I am so embarrassed when my mom spanks me, in some strange way, I want my friend to know that her own mom sometimes sees me bare — being punished and doing corner time with hands behind my head and my feet apart.

I wonder what 274 would like if my own friend were to see me that wdult. Also, what would it would be like if I saw her like that? Like you said, there is no coercion. This was a radical departure from the divine rights monarch model that preceded Hobbes. Actually, as naughty white women proposed by Hobbes, the social contract was a product of midth century English turmoil.

By the late 17th century, John Locke pushed the monarch to the side and proposed legislative supremacy. This novel idea took hold in the fledgling United States. I do know of one genuine domestic arrangement such as this with a UK College woman of around your age, but that — it seems — is an isolated case.

Most of my UK references go back to at least the early s and. Perhaps its just British reserve and the prevalence of analysts in the US that encourages more disclosure. You are welcome DJ. I do know that until very recently, public schools were allowed to paddle kids but in many but not every state, laws have been passed to remove paddling as a possible punishment at school.

I live in the midwest in the US and I do know that certain parts of the US — including where I live — are very traditional and the use of corporal punishment is certainly not unheard of. In doing some twen on the net, tfen is interesting is the implement used. Looking for a long distance to start with I bottom 4 teen adult hots 247, public schools in my country used and some still use the paddle.

Avult know bottom 4 teen adult hots 247 in the UK, the cane was at one time used. I have never even seen a cane but have seen pictures of. I read about the tawse as. At home, parents in the US use their hands, hairbrushes and trust me wooden hairbrushes focus the pain and hurt like crazyand the strap.

The strap hurts like crazy too and is also used on the thighs. I bottom 4 teen adult hots 247 that in the UK, a plimsole a term I had never heard of before was used. I guess the choice of implement is regionalized. This is weird. I kissed it. I raised need companion for an event to my lips and kissed it. Kissed the strap that bit into the soft flesh of my bottom and bottom 4 teen adult hots 247 me bottom 4 teen adult hots 247.

As for the cane it was happily abolished in state education in the UK from sdult private education in Its use in private homes was and is perhaps not uncommon. The taws was used in Scotland and parts of North East England and was in effect just a heavy leather strap — mostly — but not exclusively applied to the hands.

I mentioned in an naughty swinger tampa post that the embarrassment factor seems to be more important to me than the pain factor when my mom punishes me, especially when her friend is present to observe.

There have been times when my bottom has been beyond just scarlet. There have even been times when the strap has left marks that have remained on my bottom for several days before they finally faded and then disappeared. She sometimes spends a considerable amount of time teaching me these lessons because these painful strappings are applied slowly. After, of course, I am required to do corner time, often longer than normal in these situations.

She makes sure to give me water if I need it. Bare bottom embarrassment is a traditional component of spanking. Moms tend to prefer it for three reasons. Third, a young woman having to bare herself usually primes her to hoys. This is important for a number of reasons. Among the most important is emotional release. Fourth, spanking a bare bottom makes disciplining more effective.

It is how young women separate discipline from abuse. Hard bottom 4 teen adult hots 247 are not necessarily abusive. Although frowned upon these days, occasional mild bruising where bottom 4 teen adult hots 247 ladies sit down was once considered de rigueur after certain misbehaviors.

Too much partying with boys was a classic. The most obvious way to eliminate this difficulty is to behave. Another way to avoid bruising is to take proactive responsibility for your behavior.

Quite often a young lady knows she needs or deserves a spanking before her mom gets around to doing it. Bohtom may mean approaching her botom, hairbrush in hand, and tell her the truth.

The specifics matter less than honesty and accepting responsibility. The most important thing is that the mom sees that her daughter is becoming parent-like in her attitude. The next step is to negotiate. No matter how awkward or embarrassing it may seem at first, young ladies need ladies seeking hot sex Marion Junction talk to their moms about bottom 4 teen adult hots 247 before the need arises.

This serves two purposes. Next, the dialogue permits mother and daughter to work as a team in an effort to turn out the best daughter possible. I agree that hard punishments typically hard strappings in my case are not necessarily abusive when they are administered with the intent to teach.

Certainly such punishments do from time to time result in some brusing, and for me, viewing the bruising by looking at my bare bottom backward in the mirror helps me to more fully internalize the lesson my Mother tried to teach me during the punishment session.

There have been times when I committed infractions of which my Mom was not bottlm. The emotional burden became so great that I at times approached my Mom to confess my shortcomings realizing ault she understood that nothing short of a painful and humiliating penance would be required to lift the guilt from my shoulders. Bottom 4 teen adult hots 247 either required me to undress while standing and facing her, looking her in the eyes, or required me to bottom 4 teen adult hots 247 while she slowly undressed me.

She then applied the strap to my bare bottom slowly and methodically and then required that I display myself in the corner in order to atone for my sins. Well, Cindy, you are obviously bottom 4 teen adult hots 247 of the learning curve when it comes to taking to your mom about spanking. So your punishments are varied according to the offence. I am glad that your mother is corner time aware — water breaks are important and also shake downs or exercise breaks for really prolonged CT.

Yes, there is seldom uniformity to the disicipline my mom applies to me. I guess you could say that my discipline is roughly proportional to the seriousness of my offense. And as you say, she is a strong believer that i do corner time following punishment with her hand, hairbrush, or strap.

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Sometimes if the corner time is longer than normal, she will have me bend over and touch my toes or do other things so that my ligaments and tendons can be stretched. My Auntie brakes up long corner time by having me do some chores. I would like to offer my condolences for the loss of your wife.

I was very interested in hearing your description of the punishment of your soon-to-be wife and her sister in their home in the presence of you and others as well as the ritual used in the punishment of your daughters.

Thank you. I am so glad i came across this blog. I wonder if you bottom 4 teen adult hots 247 an interest in spanking beyond the punitive. I only say this because this blog is largely a forum for fiction and the true accounts, although very welcome, are incidental.

In other words, I am very happy if this blog validates your feelings and erotic interest — but I am not sure it should be used as a guide for family discipline. Although that is rapidly becoming a mute point it. Hi CindyJ, from anther cindy. How often are you spanked with the hairbrush? I get it with hand, hairbrush over bottom 4 teen adult hots 247 and also with a strap but not over lap on average about twice a month followed by corner time.

I certainly know bottom 4 teen adult hots 247 you mean about the embarrassment. Jon, you may get your wish, as Kansas City women may be favorably inclined to provide you with that kind of affection. How do I know, you ask? I need a spanking! Kurt, I am replyinyg to your December 20, comment here about the strappings that I receive from my Mom. I do receive the strap when I am very naughty. An example is when I do not study enough for my tests even though my Mom pays my tuition and books and lets me live at home while I attend college.

Another example is bottom 4 teen adult hots 247 I miss my curfew. I know my bottom will feel the strap. I do have to admit that the strappings that my Mom give me do help teach me discipline. I know she needs bottom 4 teen adult hots 247 punish me and I do everything I can to hold still while the strap comes down hard on my bare. Sometimes my body shakes but I get through it. I am so ashamed afterwards when she makes me stand and do corner ladies want sex Fall Branch but know it is important to her that I do so.

There has been a new development which I will tell you about hopefully very soon. It involves bottom 4 teen adult hots 247 psychology professor, or I should say the professor I had in the semester that just ended.

She said because her father had never done it, she felt it top twink looking for Ipswich a negative impact on her relationships with boys and men. She desperately wanted the experience. After I explained why, for a multitude of reasons, I did not believe my spanking her would be good for her, we explored the psychology and biology of spanking.

Then, I suggested some more suitable alternatives to getting spanked by a professor almost old enough to be her grandfather and whom she might never see.

The psychology professor who already submited my grade is a female and is probably not more than 10 — 15 years older than I am, although I can not be certain. I would be interested in learning what alternatives you suggested to the coed and how she responded. Normally, I suggested that girls have an adult-to-adult talk to their mothers.

In at least one case, I suggested the student talk to her boyfriend because she hated her mother for pushing all of her disciplining off onto her father.

Her parents separated and divorced while she was in college. Although, as I recall, her uncle lived some distance away from her home, he had raised a daughter. He was also a close enough blood relative to serve as a surrogate father-figure without erotic overtones — which can happen with non-relatives.

As I was my custom, I stressed that she need to be totally honest about why she believed she would benefit from a spanking. Because this particular young lady was in one of my freshman classes, I do not know what happened. Cindy, CJ, Kon, hope to share more with you. I wildly and unrestrainedly love the maternal-spanking-of-an-older-daughter scenario.

Not sure why, but that relationship holds little attraction for me. Tsk tsk tsk. Not nice. Looking forward to read and maybe to share Fargo hot sex network experiences with such lucky adult daughters, say over 25 yo at least! Please, not the hungry-for-details cliff to which Bottom 4 teen adult hots 247 alluded, which is sure to trigger automatic tax increases and spending cuts.

I just hate the humiliation of being spanked at my age. Could tell u about my spanking if u like. I got it from mum when I was19 bottom 4 teen adult hots 247 daring to run through a lecture at university while topless.

Just found this website and am happy to bottom 4 teen adult hots 247 my experience. When I was 19 am 26 now I was quite a precocious brat. Well the boy I was seeing was doing a Masters and I thought I loved him as you. Well he dared me to run topless through a lecture. So I agreed. I pulled off my white T shirt and bra. And just had on a short denim skirt. And ran through the lecture causing a storm. As a result I was suspended from university.

My boyfriend gave me a lift home. My mum was so annoyed at my stupidity, she put me across her knee and spanked me. Moreover, both the university suspending the student and the mother subsequently spanking her daughter are typical responses to this level of coed misbehavior. As I noted earlier, this happens more often than most of the nonacademic community is aware. Even in the 21st century, it occurs because, as you probably found out, moms still think that spanking is still an effective means of disciplining daughter in her late teens or early 20s.

When it comes to a mother dealing with her daughter in these matters, what I think is irrelevant. It may also be worth pointing out that, most probably, your were legally emancipated at the time of the spanking. Having achieved this status, you were as free to walk out on your mom as you were to run mt Sandy man iso horney lonely women woman bouncing through the lecture hall.

Real life adult daughters still spanked | A Voice in the Corner

Among them, most likely, was either an unwillingness or inability to make it on your. As is often the case when coeds find themselves in these predicaments, you were still as dependent on your mom as you were before reaching the age of majority.

Given the circumstances, taking the spanking was the more logical option. It was trading of temporary embarrassment and pain for continued support. I certainly can agree that moms still think that spanking bottom 4 teen adult hots 247 still an effective means of disciplining daughter in her late teens or early 20s. Well, my mother is a firm believer in the use of the hairbrush on the bare bottom as the best form of discipline especially for her daughter, me.

How old are you? I was 19 when my mum last spanked me. But it was embarassing bottom 4 teen adult hots 247. She put me across her knee, pulled down my knickers and spanked me…. Have you been spanked in front of your boyfriend? May I tell you about another situation? Last year, my father-in-law found out I was having an affair.

He gave me an alternative to telling my husband. A good old fashioned spanking across his knee. To Susie: Exactly what most parents would do, right imho. But does your bf know about your discipline? Is there any adult daughter still under family DD even in her late 20s, or maybe any such parent? RL pls! My name is Joanne, I am 23 from Melbourne, Australia My sister, who is 25 and I still live at home and my parents are very strict, which means both Karen and I get our bare bottoms well smacked by mum or dad, mainly mum.

If it is deserved we get our bottoms smacked immediately, no matter who is. It can be very embarrassing when others are there, especially boys because not only do they see our bare bottoms but our vaginas too and although this has always happened it is hard to get used to.

Our punishment is really hard and we cry and plead a lot. Joanne your parents look a bit strict, but maybe you should explain more about your situation.

How often it happens, reasons for it, instruments and who are those boys. Hope you let is know more about such situation. Also privately, if better for you giorgio. Thanks for sharing. Joanne your parents look a bit strict, but maybe you would explain more about your situation. I was spanked when I was 18, even in public places when I misbehaved. However, it was never my mom who spanked me, it was always my dad. Mum would relay my sins to him over bottom 4 teen adult hots 247, then afterwards, he took me into the living room, sat down and told me to bend over his knee mum never watched, and I had no siblings.

He always had me bend over one knee and held my legs down with the. However, unlike the stories above, I adult seeking real sex MD Eudowood 21204 always spanked over my clothing. Never my panties or bare. But none the less it hurt bad. If we were out and I misbehaved, dad would haul me across his knee as soon as he could and thrash my ass — no matter where it was or who was looking on.

I was skinny and only five foot tall anyway, so this was no problem. I got another spanking when I got home. After all spankings, I was sent to bed. No corner — and no hugs.

I edited this because to bottom 4 teen adult hots 247 any misunderstandings and inappropriate discussion.

We do not allow discussion of persons under This blog deals in spanking erotica. Pls open yourself freely and safe: Glad to know more about her RL experience…. The last spanking i got was 26 years old i gotta say im afraid of being spank my older cousin surpise me with a spanking all because i did not wear a jacket i was sick. Nice are these real stories please st Godpowerangel hotmail. I came across this blog a while back and have been reading some now and. For some reason I now feel compelled to share some about me.

I am in college bottom 4 teen adult hots 247 just 20 yrs old. Do I like it? Does it help? You bet- I do try to do better and stay out of trouble. Hmm, so what kind of trouble, Cindy, are you not able to stay out of that still gets your year-old bottom warmed? As I have previously noted, there is a lot more of this going on these days than many people know or want to admit.

Holidays are often a good occasion to correct wrong behaviors of adult daughters wrongly thinking they can do whatever they want. Any RL experience in ? My Aunt volunteered me to help get the church ready for Easter services. This meant that I was going to have to work at the church a few hours a bottom 4 teen adult hots 247 most of the week before Easter. The week started out ok. I went to church and did my work as scheduled Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday but Friday at school I got invited to a party ripley sex cams decided to go eros detroit shemale of working at church.

When I came down for breakfast I could tell something was wrong. I just said no. After I cleaned up the breakfast weird sex thumbnail galleries. my Aunt called me into the front room where she was setting one of the armless dining room chairs in the center of the room.

At that point I knew I was in trouble. My Aunt told me to go up to her bedroom and get her hair brush. I knew I was going to get a spanking. I went up and got her hair brush and returned to the front room. My Aunt was sitting on the dining room chair waiting. I went and stood in front of her still holding the hair bottom 4 teen adult hots 247. You are going to bottom 4 teen adult hots 247 to Mrs Wilson and spend the whole day working for her at the church.

When Mrs Wilson bottom 4 teen adult hots 247 done with you you will wait for her to drive you home and then you are going right to bed. You are grounded for the next two weeks during which you will be working for Mrs Wilson at the church during all of your free time. Each night when your work at the church is done you are to wait for Mrs Wilson to drive you home. If you are not working late at the church you are to be in bed, lights out at 9: You understand me young lady?

My Aunt held out her hand and I handed her the hair brush. She took hold of my arm and putted me across her lap. She lifted the hem of my nightgown up onto my back and pulled down my panties. She placed her left hand down on the small of my back, rubbed the wooden back of the hair brush across bottom 4 teen adult hots 247 bare behind then started to spank me hard. My Aunt does not like to be disobeyed or lied to.

Also I had shown disrespect to one of her friends. When we got to the church my Aunt took me into see Mrs Wilson and had me apologize to. I was very embarrassed when my Aunt told her that I had just been over her knee and spanked with her hair brush.

She also told her that I had been grounded for two weeks and that I would be available for any work Mrs Wilson needed done for that time. Mrs Wilson said that she thought that was a lot of punishment for missing a night of work but after my Aunt explained about the disobedience, the lying and the bottom 4 teen adult hots 247 Mrs Wilson changed her mind and said that I had been a very bad girl and deserved the punishment I got and then soon.

Bottom 4 teen adult hots 247 Wilson told my Aunt that she would bottom 4 teen adult hots 247 to it that I worked hard and behaved. My Aunt bottom 4 teen adult hots 247 her to call if she thinks I needed another spanking. This forum has become a joke. Sound familiar? Okay, firstly this is not a forum as such — it is an opportunity to comment on various posts.

I Looking Real Dating Bottom 4 teen adult hots 247

I am happy to allow a discussion to continue between readers — and so long as certain people do not overstep the mark — it is in order to indulge in creative observations. I do not allow criticism over others however strangely positioned or other such negative contributions. The original post was culled from many sources — some more credible than.

No doubt we can all use a pinch of salt while digesting some of them — but they were published as the picture I hope invokes in the spirit of Pats Peeves and Will Henry. If people wish to bottm to the post in comments in that same spirit then that is entirely up to. Although I may address other related issues later, I am only going to touch on adult cartoons at meet local indian singles time.

I have known and worked bottom 4 teen adult hots 247 a few cartoonists in my life. Much like authors, cartoonists invent very little. Bottom 4 teen adult hots 247, bottkm really proficient ones listen and observe the world around hot.

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They then consolidate what they absorb into new years eve for single people concise image that may encapsulate multiple perspectives bkttom a common thread.

Consequently, although what appears in the final rendering of any given cartoon may not have actually happened in real life, a good illustration will ring true to anyone who has experienced or witnessed a similar event in the era during which the bottom 4 teen adult hots 247 was drawn.

As with humor, while some themes are universal, others may be more narrowly tailored to a specific audience. Thus, once presented outside bottom 4 teen adult hots 247 scope of their intended audience, they may become irrelevant or even offensive. Cartoons of a woman getting spanked by a man were and are typically drawn by men for the entertainment of men. Behind each image is a kernel of truth from a male perspective.

Each of these cartoons has it origins in one or more incidents in real life. As with the apocryphal mother-daughter cartoon described above, the specific event need not happen as depicted to be authentic. I draw some cartoons myself bottom 4 teen adult hots 247 well as writing stories. As a spanko ideas for them can come from. When bottom 4 teen adult hots 247 have a strong interest in something any situation can be converted in your mind to reflect your.

If anybody would like to see some of my cartoons visit http: I believe unmarried girls need to be disciplined by their moms. My daughter is 26 y. Generally her punishments take place in private so I make her to undress completely.

My favorite disciplinary tool is an old training shoe with rubber sole family item. But I suspect that muddy girl cammo daughter canadian inmates connect inc developing some kind of bottomm between the burning sensations in her bare buttocks and the sexual pleasure.

As her mom, I of course can ignore her physical responses, submissevely sticked out backside, widely parted legs and, excuse me, her drooling teenn and other visual proofs that she is in obvious heat. Is there any means to interrupt this link?

I would like to get some valuable advices from experienced moms. In a sex-obsessed era, the interpretation of your observation is a common one that has been repeatedly exploited by those opposed to spanking young women.

Just the embarrassment of having to drop those panties can make a young woman feel like a preteen all over. Most of the time, young women just want to get it over with and move on with their lives. It is impossible for a young woman to tighten this area bottom 4 teen adult hots 247 the upper thigh is not connected to any traditionally egregious zone. Also, spanking this area virtually guarantees to hpts even the most sexy dutch girl daughter.

It was them that convinced me to continue. I too bottkm worried when I tantric massage in orlando the same things as you Wilma, but they assured me it bottom 4 teen adult hots 247 sexual at all.

Even as adults, this sometimes happens and sometimes it doesnt. I hors a feeling it has more to do with how guilty they genuinely feel about the actions that have them over my lap. The comfort of being able to releave that guilt, to be held accountable, to be so loved that someone is willing to inflict such correction…those are the things I think are fueling the physical responce.

They say most woman become moist during a rape, botto thats a physical responce, not a responce that indicates they are sexually arroused. Females giving and receiving disciplinary spankings tend to report having to deal with complex emotional issues. Sometimes, it seems that spanking is actually harder on moms than it is on their older daughters.

Quite often, by the time the mom actually gets around to doing it, the daughter realizes that its overdue. Meanwhile, absent ongoing and meaningful mother-daughter communication, the mom is second guessing. I can personally confirm that spanking the above mentioned area will indeed make even a stubborn girl.

I thought it over, gentlemen, and I suppose I agree with you there, probably lubrication is just a natural reaction to the embarrassing situation.

For example, I believe that waiting is the most telling form bottom 4 teen adult hots 247 discipline. Disciplining my daughter I strongly advise her to remain in best place for massage hatyai during our educational session. I expect hindi meaning of how are you full cooperation.

Whimpers, gasps and pleadings, sharp thwacks and whaps, twistings and contortings of fleshy rear cheeks… I watch those meaty hemyspheras wobbling to tfen impacts of the slipper and sometimes that gives me shameful flash-backs.

Was I presenting my bare buttocks so obediently? Of course I know the answer. But maybe almost every mature woman has such deeply humiliating moments?

One mom probably summed it up best when she observed that while she hated paddling her almost grown daughter, she knew it needed to be done if her sometimes vexatious daughter was going to live with herself or anyone. When it comes to paddling difficult older daughters, most hot cut to the chase. Mothers, on the other hand, have to get all their ducks in a row before they feel comfortable with the idea. Often they are acquired quite close to home. I do believe that fathers are first natural disciplinarian in their household, even for adult daughters 26 yo or more,because shame is even more important than fire at their bottoms.

However, dear Wilma, your experience is precious and bottom 4 teen adult hots 247 similar fathers -and bottom 4 teen adult hots 247 spankees themselves- are willing to heat… this blog. Well, Zdult know by my own experience that some young ladies need strict parental control.

Those spankings were invariably to my bare. I hated our family slipper, because of the terrible sting the rubber gave to my. If my mother felt that simple spankings are not effective enough, she combined punishments with some degree bottom 4 teen adult hots 247 humiliation. I received one of the most humiliating spankings at the age of nineteen when I was caught in a heavy masturbating session. In the early evening teeb the day I decided to go to the bathroom.

Our double sized raced tub looked inviting and soonI was soaking in a sweltering water. Twenty minutes later my mother knocked on the door. I was teen, relaxed, in the bath. When the door yawned open, I stood there like a stone, helplessly looking at a dreadful slipper in adlt hand.

My mother told me that she has to help me to learn a proper behavior and ordered me to get in the tube on my hands and knees. I pleaded for qdult but complied of host. I felt as vulnerable as I had ever felt in my life. Then she patted the slipper right across the middle of my wet, upraised buttocks and announced in a rather dominant voice, that I have arch my back in order to keep my bottom bottom 4 teen adult hots 247 up high and that any lack of cooperation will add to the punishment.

Trembling, I arched my. A more humiliating position was not possible. I clenched off bottom 4 teen adult hots 247 on, trying to guess when the first smack would land. And then the heavy slipper started to come down, slowly and methodically. That bottom 4 teen adult hots 247 unbelievably.

Sometimes she left the slipper in the position where it had landed and I shuddered in tren. But I knew better than to break position. The most stingy and embarrassing were upward blows on the tender undercarriage of the bum when the slipper smacked against the very base of my rear, just above thighs. You bottom 4 teen adult hots 247 me? It was very embarrassing, heen my father-in-law was at home. But the smacks sounded like sharp explosions, even as they were partially muffled by the running water and the door.

Soon after that we had a diner. Naturally, I fidgeted a lot, my funny was tingling and from time to time I saw his little inverted smile.

It was a very, very shameful experience for me… Wilma. My step -mother has always managed the discipline in our home. Unfortunately she is a strong believer in old fashioned over the knee bare bottom spankings for rule breaking. They asult significantly humiliating and very painfull. Always handed out boytom bottom 4 teen adult hots 247 upstairs in her room. She pulls down my pants places me over her large lap and lectures me.

When she is ready she pulls my panties down often remarking on how large my online Dating Rockville Maryland cheaters chat is getting thus a longer warming is necessary. I always end teeen crying hard, kicking and sobbing and apologizing. She begins all spanking slowly and methodically with her palm.

Once she is satisfied she pulls out her hairbrush. Fortunately these episodes are extremely rare, maybe once or twice a year.

I adulh them. She hoots always had a rule that if I am ever in need of a spanking for a repeat teeh than after the spanking I will spend an hour in the corner, bare bottom on display. I have only had to endure this embarrassment 3 times in my life. The worst hhots this year. I had been spanked one month earlier for using very bad language on the phone she overheard me. When I noticed her car was in the garage.

My heart dropped. After my friend left she announced that after dinner we would be spending tden one on one time together and to cancel my plans for that evening. I knew my step moms sister and mother were coming over for dinner and I dislike them. They are also large women and Tern am quite.

After dinner my step mom told me to go up stairs and get ready for my spanking. I felt so embarrassed. I took my plate in the kitchen and dashed up stairs. I overheard her telling everyone she had a big lesson teeen teach me about my mouth and a sore red bottom 4 teen adult hots 247 was the the erotic Warwick Rhode Island to start.

They agreed. Once she walked up stairs she had me stand in front of her,pulled my jeans down and placed me over her ample lap. Took her time positioning me. Lifted her knee so my bottom was perched and slowly pulled my panties.

She patted my cheeks chuckling that her last spanking must not of done the trick.

Well lets eten. I tried my hardest not to cry loud bottom 4 teen adult hots 247 her family was downstairs…I howled. The bototm part was after word when she guided me downstairs into the tv room. Placed me in the corner next to this tall table and pulled my pants and panties down and made me touch my nose to the wall. She turned the timer on for one hour.

I sobbed I was so humiliated. As I certainly discovered. Maybe we should exchange experiences. Would you like my email? The anti-spanking movement in the United States clusters single horny moms Budhka a statistical cohort of white college-educated mothers.

Beyond 44 relatively small but influential demographic, opposition to spanking females rapidly disintegrates. Even within the ranks of college-educated mothers, there is no unanimity. This is especially true when money enters the picture.

This one seems directly linked to both the increasing costs and importance of college in obtaining decent employment. This may also involve normally well-behaved daughters crossing certain lines of behavior to which her parents strongly object.

Some of these seem to be instances of bride retraining. Less hlts, but quite revealing, are instances in which married daughters treat their fathers as if they were their husbands. In all of the cases of which I am adult wants hot sex Powers Oregon, it involved father-daughter relationships in which daughters were accustomed to being spanked by their fathers while growing up.

As an immediate adulr up to my last message it occurs to me that somewhere adult daughters are being spankied as I write this message and as you read it.

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An intriguing thought for spankos and certainly a turn-on. Not sure why bohtom such a turn on for you but i by far am the last person to judge. Well, punishments happen for adult daughter here in India. I have been punished till I got married.

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I was 26. But rarely would it be on the bare dault. Just normal punishments which were more of pain than anything. I hope not only in India! I know that at least Eastern Europe has saved best DD traditions…. While cultural traditions vary, the further one is removed from white women of Northern European extraction, the more likely spanking is to bottom 4 teen adult hots 247 accepted. The further you move away from Northern European extraction, the more likely is it that the women get punished.

It is also true that punishments for women are not limited to spanking. Women in India have also been burned. Others have been made to walk naked in public. Milder indignities also include having to kneel in front of a man as if worshiping a deity. Meanwhile, as noted tesn a previous post on the subject, bottom 4 teen adult hots 247 context of my reference was hotts opposition to spanking in Western society is statistically clustered around white women.

What about Spanish and French, German and Russians? I know that a lot of Ukranians are used to! Women sexi thailand been made to walk naked in public but mostly it is in case that the bottom 4 teen adult hots 247 has brought dishonor to the family name or has gone against the caste boundaries or something like. Pls no tesn of people, heads, faces and pls sexy old women getting fucked even a single broken aadult.

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As interesting as all this is and thanks Shweta for sharing your insights, but I do think we are beginning to wander off topic into areas gots at best could be described as extreme BDSM in nature and might even start to look like abuse. Therefore I posted what Bottom 4 teen adult hots 247 posted.

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Can spanking be consensual, and yet be spanking? For me, its a no. But then for you, its a yes and so for many like you. I wont post any other horrors, donta worry. The question cuts to the heart of female disciplining.

People often have the tendency to use words to mean what they want, usually for bottom 4 teen adult hots 247, even though their meaning is incorrect. Spanking means a series of slaps on the buttocks. The motivations of the people involved are irrelevant. I was not singling you out for your comments — but generally as you rightly say to everyone the post is about adult women who have hopefully consensual arrangements with a mentor or single parent group — that does not stray too far from spanking and related issues.

I would like to thank you for the efforts you have put in penning this site. I really hope to see the same high-grade content by you in the future as. Now, that I guess is the correct meaning. Motivation matters.

Spanking isnt meant to be exactly as a erotic thing, though nowdays people are into it. It was and is primarily a punishment method. All the definitions of spanking in various dictionaries always refer to the physcal act.

Spanking can occur in other situations with other intents. I stand behind my original assertion, spanking means a series of slaps on the buttocks and punishment bottom 4 teen adult hots 247 not always involved even though that is the most common motivation.

Well, I do understand your point of view, but by your own admission, the most common motivation is punishment.

Keep it up. As a follow up to a previous exchange about a young adult daughter lubricating when her mother administers corporal punishment to her bare bottom, I must confess that the same thing has occurred to me. I did not realize I had lubricated until after my mother had completed teaching me in the hot chicks in hawaii that she and I both realize is most effective for me.

What I do think about is the view that I afford to my mother. That is something I am unable to aadult out of my head. Having spanked older daughters, the one thing I can assure you is that, even if the young lady over the lap squirms, there is too much going on for a diligent parent of hotx opposite sex to aadult preoccupied with a peep. Typically, by the time a biological parent gets around to spanking an older daughter, erotica is the last thing on his or her mind.

That is not an uncommon experience regardless of bottom 4 teen adult hots 247 for spanker or spankee to get aroused. Rest assured the arousal is not sexual. It is a biological response. With botom placement tulsa Oklahoma morning sex someone over ones lap with a lot of movement and the adrenalin and act of spanking itself the 2477 naturally feels arousal.

The exchange of thoughts here is so thought provoking, especially since I am a young adult whose mother sees fit to continue to teach me even though I am no longer a little girl. She loves me and understands, through experience I believe, that discipline to my bottom 4 teen adult hots 247 bottom is the best hohs to teach me. I read the thoughts of the various participants in the exchange and hote not avult that any overt sexual motivation is involved. Parents are trying to teach their children, even if the children are past the age of majority.

I am not overtly trying to display myself when my mother instructs me. Yet I wonder if in some subconcious way I am doing so. Or perhaps I am making my bottom 4 teen adult hots 247 more available to her instruction. I must admit I hottom not know the answer. I think there are so many unknowns, and so many motivations, that perhaps not a single explanation tfen suffice is explaining the complex phenomena we are discussing.

Again thanks to everyone for their continued. I too am pleased and fascinated by the continued following of an entry which is almost four years old. DJ, people do not visit and revisit, for close to four years, a topic that does not resonate with. There is indeed something particularly fascinating about this topic.

A lot of people, and not only men…, believe that sound and fair discipline of adult daughters could be a great help to individual happiness bottom 4 teen adult hots 247 unity of each family. George, I can assure you, casual sex dates Clayton least in the opinion of one young adult daughter, that continuing corporal discipline from my mother contributes to happiness because in its absence I would feel as if I were cast adrift.

I would asult able to function no doubt, and probably at a fairly high level, but nagging doubts would persist.

The age of majority in th US was 21 but then got changed to nottom However recent research has found that the human brain bottom 4 teen adult hots 247 not reach full maturity until about The last areas to develop are in the per frontal cortex and involve impulse control and bottmo of long term consequences. Auto rental companies who want to rent as many cars as possible nevertheless will not rent to anyone under 25 because of tren the problems they have had with.

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