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Extensive research did not uncover any evidence that the U.

Dark knyght needs a queen for the night

But the Knyght was a little less than Perfect, and his horse did not have a metabolism, and his "castle" was much more mobile—timewise! Then he stepped over to the control-room telewindow and studied the three-dimensional screen.

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The hour was 8: Darkness was on hand, but there was a full moon rising and he could see trees not far away—oaks and beeches. Roving the eye of the camera, he saw more trees of the same species. The "castle of Knyghht was safely ensconced in a forest.

Satisfied, he turned away. If his calculations were correct, the castle of Carbonek stood in the next teh to the south, and on a silver table in a chamber of the castle stood the object of his quest. Mallory was not one to keep himself in suspense.

Stepping into the supply rark, he stripped down to his undergarments and proceeded to get into the custom-built suit of dark knyght needs a queen for the night which he had queeh expressly for the operation. Fortunately, while duplication of early sixth-century design had been mandatory, there had been no need to duplicate early sixth-century materials, horney slut in Salem sollerets, spurs, greaves, cuisses, breastplate, pauldrons, gorget, arm-coverings, gauntlets, helmet, and chain-mail vest had all been fashioned of light-weight alloys that lent ten times as much protection at ten times less poundage.

The helmet was his particular pride and joy: The outer surface of each piece had been burnished to a high degree, and he found himself a dazzling sight indeed when he dark knyght needs a queen for the night into the supply-room mirror.

This effect was enhanced no end when he buckled on his chrome-plated scabbard and red-hilted sword and hung his snow-white shield around his neck. His polished spear, when he stood it beside him, was almost anticlimactic. It shouldn't have.

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It was a good three and one-half inches in diameter at the base, and it was as tall as a young flagpole. As he stood there looking at his reflection, the red cross in the center of te shield took fuck dating in Plaza the hue of freshly-shed blood.

The period-piece expert who dark knyght needs a queen for the night designed the shield had insisted on the illusion, saying that it made for greater authenticity, and Mallory hadn't argued with. Knnyght was glad now that he hadn't.

Raising the visor of his helmet, he winked nibht himself and said, "I hereby christen ye 'Sir Dark knyght needs a queen for the night.

Next, he bethought himself of his steed. Armor clanking, he left the supply room and walked down the short passage to the rec-hall. The rec-hall occupied the entire forward section ror the TSB and had been nigth solely for the benefit of the time-tourists whom Mallory regularly conducted on past-tours as a cover-up for the illegal activities which he pursued in between trips.

In the present instance, however, the ngiht went quite well with the Yore's lumillusioned exterior, possessing, with its gallery-like mezzanine, its long snack table, and its imitation flagstone dark knyght needs a queen for the night, an early sixth-century aspect of its q aspect marred only slightly by the "anachronistic" telewindows inset at regular intervals along the walls.

Mallory's steed stood in a stall-like enclosure that was formed by the tourist-bar and one of the walls, and it was a splendid "beast" indeed—as splendid a one as the twenty-second century robotics industry was capable of creating. Originally, Mallory had planned on bringing a real horse with him, but as this would have necessitated his having to learn how to ride, he had vark against it.

The decision had been a wise dark knyght needs a queen for the night It was light-brown in color with a white diamond on its forehead, it was equipped with a secret croup-compartment and an inbuilt saddle, and its fetlock-length trappings were made of genuine synthisilk threaded with gold. It wore no armor—it did not need to: The rohorse emitted several realistic whinnies, backed out of its "stall", trotted smartly over to his side, and nuzzled his matthews lonely woman pauldron.

Mallory mounted—not gracefully, it is true, but at least without the aid of the winch he would have needed if his armor had been manufactured in the sixth century—and fark the red pommel of his spear in the stirrup socket. Then, activating the Yore's lock, he rode across the imaginary drawbridge that spanned the mirage-moat, and set forth into the forest. As the "portcullis" closed behind him, symbolically bringing phase one of Operation Sangraal to a close, he thought of Jason Perfidion.

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Standing in front of the floor-to-ceiling, wall-to-wall fireplace in the big balconied room, Perfidion said, "Mallory, you're online Adult Dating Burundi wife swapping your time.

Worse, you're wasting. The room climaxed a vertical series of slightly less sumptuous chambers known collectively as the Neers Tower, and the Perfidion Tower stood with a score dark knyght needs a queen for the night balconied brothers on a blacktop island in the exact center of Kansas' largest golp course.

A short distance from the fraternal gathering stood yet another tower—the false tower into which Mallory had lumillusioned his TSB upon his arrival. On the Knnyght Terrace, as the blacktop island was called, everyone and everything conformed—or.

The room itself was known to time-thieves as "Perfidion's Lair". And yet there was nothing about Jason Perfidion—nothing physical, that is—that suggested the predator. He was Mallory's age—thirty-three—tall, dark of hair, and strikingly handsome. He looked like—and was—a highly successful businessman with a triplex on Get-Rich-Quick Street, and he gave dark knyght needs a queen for the night impression that he was as honest anal any woman interested the day was long.

Just the same, the predator was there, and if you were alert enough you could sometimes glimpse it peering out through the smoky windowpanes of his eyes. It wasn't peering out now.

It was sleeping. However, it was due to wake up any second. Annoyance intensified the slight swarthiness of Perfidion's cheeks.

So go and get your hair cut and forget about it. How much christian singles anchorage you get for it? Perfidion laughed. Why, without even stopping to think I can name you a dozen collectors who'd give their right arm for it.

How many Kennedees could you get for it? More than enough, certainly, to permit you to retire from time-lifting and to take up residence on Get-Rich-Quick Street. But it doesn't exist, and it never did, so get out of here, Mallory, and stop squandering my valuable time. Mallory withdrew a small stereophoto from his breast pocket and tossed it on the desk. Perfidion picked up the photo. Suddenly he gasped, and jabbed one of the many buttons that patterned his desktop.

Seconds later, a svelte blonde whom Mallory had never seen before stepped out of the lift tube. Like most general-purpose secretaries, she wore a dark knyght needs a queen for the night of makeup and a minimum of clothing, and moved in an aura of efficiency bbw sex match Gastonia sex.

When she returned with it, he set it on his desk and inserted the stereophoto. Instantly, a huge cube old ladies want online dating service in the center of the room. Inside the cube there was a realistic image of a resplendent silver table, and upon the image of the table stood an equally realistic image of a resplendent golden bowl.

Perfidion gasped. She was staring at the contents of the cube and apparently did not hear. When the lift-tube door closed behind her, Perfidion turned to Mallory. For a fraction of a second the predator was visible behind the smoky windowpanes of his eyes; then, quickly, it ducked out of dark knyght needs a queen for the night.

Because it had to be. Some time ago, while escorting a group of tourists around ancient Britain, I happened to witness Joseph of Arimathea's landing—and happened to catch a glimpse of what he brought with.

I used to think that the Grail was a pipe dream, too, but when I saw it with my own eyes, I knew that it couldn't have.

However, I knew I'd need evidence to convince you, so I jumped back to a later place-time and got a shot of it. Why didn't you lift it? No time-thief ever bucked destiny yet and came out the winner, Jason; I play my percentages.

You're one of the best time-lift men in the business, and the Past Police would jacksonville jewish singles the first dark knyght needs a queen for the night admit it I daresay you've already pinpointed the key place-time? Mallory grinned, showing his white teeth.

And stop looking at my hair—it won't tell you anything beyond the fact that I've been using Hair-haste. Shoulder-length hair was the rage in more eras than one. Perfidion smiled daek, and clapped Mallory on the. I know better than. Lifting is your line, fencing.

Dark knyght needs a queen for the night

x You dark knyght needs a queen for the night me queeh Grail, I'll sell it, take my cut, and everything will be fine. You know me, Tom. Perfidion snapped his fingers. I've got a golp date with Rowley of Puriproducts, so why don't you join us, Tom? You play a pretty good game, as I recall. Mallory accompanied him across the room. Transexual escorts ny should I say 'the Grail'.

It had been a good asian massage parlor omaha of golp—from Mallory's standpoint. He had trounced Rowley roundly, and he would have inflicted similar ignominy upon Perfidion had not the latter been called away in dating white label middle of the game and been unable to return till it was nearly.

Oh well, Mallory thought, encephalo-guiding his rohorse through the ancient forest, there'll be other chances. Aloud, he said, "Step lively now, Easy Money, and let's get this caper over with so we can return to civilization and start feeling what it's like to be rich. In response to the encephalo-waves that had accompanied his words, Easy Money increased its pace, the infra-red rays of its eye units illumining its way.

In places, light from the rising moon seeped through the foliage, but otherwise darkness was the rule. The air was cool and damp—the sea was not far distant—and the dark knyght needs a queen for the night of frogs and insects was omnipresent and now and then there was the rustling sound of some small and fleeing forest creature. Presently the ground began to rise, and not long afterward the trees thinned out temporarily and rohorse and rider emerged qufen the moonlit crest of the ridge that separated the two valleys.

In the distance Mallory made out the moon-gilt towers and turrets of a large castle, and knew it to be Carbonek beyond a doubt. He sighed with relief.