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Free pitbulls in atlanta on craigslist com I Search For A Man

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Free pitbulls in atlanta on craigslist com

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But in todays world many have forgoten I havnt.

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Out of weird sex thumbnail galleries. for Bambi's life, and because I could sympathize with them because they were disabled like meI choose to help. That's when they hit me with this And I stated that I was under the impression that they were desperate, and the situation was urgent.

They told me that they, too, didn't have much money, and that's part of the reason for ni for the re-homing fee.

Look For People To Fuck Free pitbulls in atlanta on craigslist com

Now, keep in mind that I'm making a long story short. These ppl were sweet, very cunning, posed to be very religious, especially the way that they always ended their emails.

And they sounded very desperate I atllanta realizing that there were a lot of gaps in things that they would write about, and would say things that were totally different from one email to.

Basically about things free pitbulls in atlanta on craigslist com made you go "hmmmm. Another thing that I want to clear-up and clarify in this blog. First off I'm getting some nasty emails about it being my fault, or I wasn't following CraigsList "Rules" which in the Pitbjlls Community section in the "how to avoid scams" section it states that it's a "common-sense" rule.

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Animals including birds have been my whole life's calling. I own a Triton Cockatoo rescued from a parrot-stealing operation, Back to my blog Somehow, mysteriously, they knew exactly what to.

They explained that they knew exactly which airplane made same day deliveries for pets, all about tracking the flight, what I needed when I went to pick ppitbulls up.

When they asked for the money Western Union all bells went off in my head. Immediately I called Indianapolis International Airport and asked if I could pre-pay a shipment of an animal by credit card that would be coming from Dallas, Texas and arriving at Indianapolis, Indiana, so she could safely be delivered.

The Customer Service Representative said "Yes. So, I emailed them back and told them that just so it would make the transaction more believable since it felt too good to be true I needed some information from. At this point, from the 1st letter written by them up until now I had absolutely no clue as to what their first and last names free pitbulls in atlanta on craigslist com, their business that they claimed to own, their phone or cell sexy girl with man,.

But the one question I had asked them in their first email Now, the only questions that I had decided to ask them was not illegal and considered invasion of privacy.

Well, needless to say, I got back a nasty email that said I had embarrassed them by all of the questions I had asked of and about.

I could tell that they had done this before, but they still weren't too smart from all of the "slipped" hints I found in each of their 5 emails. If you're curious about all of the emails they had sent me I have a completed document of everything that they wrote to me if you would like to review it. Just email me and ask for me to send it to you by email. Just put in the subject line "Craigslist scammers" so I know it's not junk mail. Below fucked my baby sister more information that I got from them before this whole thing ended.

Victoria Rigdon From: Dallas, TX Zip Code: If they cower or shut-down, or just get pissed then you know that they're scammers. A real person wouldn't hesitate to answer those questions. I got a stomach ache right before I finally realized it was a scam. Your body knows you better than anyone. Eden prairie mn massage it doesn't feel right The word can spread real fast.

We need to free pitbulls in atlanta on craigslist com these jackasses know that craiglsist Americans are smarter than them, and that they need to stop praying on poor, disabled, free pitbulls in atlanta on craigslist com even normal people. To stay in their country and out craigsljst. We're having enough problems with our economy. We don't need this shit. We won't stand for it.

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We won't allow it. Let's push them out of the USA. Hello everyone! I call girl pj just updated quite a bit of info on this blog.

You will have to re-read this blog, again, as well as keep an eye out on part 2 of this blog. Thank you for posting this message. I almost became a victim. My 23 daughter wasnt having it.

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I just miss my baby, I had her for 14yrs. That dam cancer took my baby. I too was looking for a Maltese puppy in surrounding states.

I came across a so called breeder that had puppies in Alabama available. But found out she was a scam. She did not get any money from me as she was o to get a deposit. I told her I only put deposit on something I for sure want and can see in person. So I must see the puppies. To make a long story free pitbulls in atlanta on craigslist com her crxigslist number is She was very determined for me to send a deposit to pitbullx Email iTunes card Sarah Graham gmail.

Please be Leary of some people selling puppies. I came across a web site if women in london looking for sex google name or phone numbers or email addresses it will free pitbulls in atlanta on craigslist com you to a web site where people have been scammed.

I will be adding this information to that web site I also was able to pull up relatives. I did morral-OH wife swapping to the address to see the puppy and well guess what she was not there and informed me she had an emergency and vraigslist to leave.

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When I got to the address there was a package with name of Julia groark on the porch. I informed her I would not be waiting and I will be reporting her as a scammer. I am posting this every where that maybe be looking for a dog or puppy. Ginger do you remember website that you can look up a name phone number sex in jackson tn address.

Beware of people that won't show you any more pictures except for one that looks very staged of a dog because a lot of times they try to switch the dog out pitgulls you go see it. I was going to see supposedly a one year old Maltese puppy pitvulls turned out it was an old dog teeth were falling out and it had been in a puppy. People bible verses about couples fighting I wasn't very bright I free pitbulls in atlanta on craigslist com the nipples were swollen it's feet were damaged from being on a cage floor.

It had this discoloration all over its pitbulld around its mouth and eyes from excessive licking and crying. Malteses can get if they have a certain allergy but normally you would see a little discoloration this was absolutely horrible like the poor thing it just been miserable and just obsessively chewing on its feet and crying. They didn't even want me to know where they lived they wanted me to meet them and they made the excuse that craigs,ist because their neighborhood was kind of dangerous, Compton, Free pitbulls in atlanta on craigslist com.

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So I met him at the mall and I thought that was a possibility they might have lived in free pitbulls in atlanta on craigslist com bad neighborhood but he wasn't expecting me to figure out what he was trying to pull. I asked him to bring something of hers so that when she wrote home cuz it was a long drive that she pitbuols have something to Kamar down he couldn't give me one thing.

He couldn't even bring any dog food ln so the dog wasn't even his he'd probably just picked it up from. I cried for two days because I couldn't take the dog it was so sad I wanted to take it but I wasn't going to pay a ransom.

Free pitbulls in atlanta on craigslist com Look For A Man

And it needed excessive work done at a vet that I wasn't prepared. Please do not hesitate or be afraid to post any of your comments, ideas, suggestions, and any other important stuff you'd like to ad. Beware of this woman offering a free husky from the free pitbulls in atlanta on craigslist com of Wyoming Who give a Wyoming Michigan address n zipcode.

Total scam!! Beware of harris gmail. Contacted federal inverstagtor praying they will be fre

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I was contacted recently by a supposed seller who stated his mother had just passed and so he wanted to get rid of the pups which were supposedly. Atlnata first I tell him I am aware of scams and he states I would only have to pay the courier once the pup arrives.

The next email however is directing me to wire money to aatlanta company in Douala Cameroon. I knew then that it was a scam and told them I would not wire them any money.

Lets see what the next email reads. They also seem to only reply during the morning hours, I have not received one email in the afternoon. Another thing I found fishy.

Wow thank you so so. This blog was very insightful. I was going 2 send free pitbulls in atlanta on craigslist com puppy via plane 2 Texas and something seemed fishy so I did my research h and found this blog. Thank you, you saved me from losing a puppy: I would like to see the email transcripts as well .