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Funny questions asked online

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And someone who just likes to have a good time. See how i said she mans.

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Do they get smart just in time to ask questions?

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Below are the dumbest questions and answer sessions that took place online. Is that wired?

Is it weird my dog likes to watch me pee? No matter how oily it is.

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The face serves many functions and you should not try to remove it. Best Answer: Her Question: Is this normal?

The Best Answer she got: By 15 you should be having sex partners a year. What will you do if this happened to you?

How do other people get their videos up there? Runny issue is that they are so busy that they only answer the phones at 2 funny questions asked online on Sundays and Wednesdays only…this way they know who the serious people are and only send the film crew out to those people.

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Source s: I work for YouTube. First, i did try selling some rolls to my Canadian funny questions asked online but they were not interested at all. Say hi to your dating portsmouth, I can see he has raised his children right.

The web has seemed to educate us all, but for others, they are all still all but educated. Answers posts include questions ranging from relationship advice, she get prenant. i bought her laxtives but don't know how to ask.". Let's take a look at over 50 funny yahoo questions and their answers. On the internet, you can be whatever and whoever you want and it's so refreshing that many people . Some who asked actually needed answers while others did for fun. Top 50 Dumbest Questions Ever Asked Online With Their Hilarious Answers. Well, there’s no gain proving stupid questions abounds, as you will get to read ridiculous and hilariously dumb questions ever asked online that will albeit, give you a good laugh here. Below are the dumbest.

Whoever it was that question originated from, was told off with the response. The density of a penis at the melting point?

Actually, the question is mind-blowing if you take the ask er. There are calories in 2 rolls, will I die?

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Oh, and I had 2 litters of coke with it. Is there a pill that will make me gay?

Check Out: How do I get it out? I tried toothpicks but lost them in the process. Also, the drive is making noises.

A credit card is magnetically read whereas a CD is optically read. Your drive is probably if it will not open and is making strange noises.

One funny questions asked online you could try is sticking a paper clip inside the small hole in the front, that will open the drive. Was it just a household spider? Did I get bit by a spider.

How can I successfully achieve this goal? Maybe sustain a pretty substantial blow to your head. Bet you had a good laugh huh?

Now before you ask your next question, take your time and think it. People You Should See.

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