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They both erupt in laughter. The jokes practically write themselves. Their podcast reflects this weird cultural reference bag and jocular but vulnerable dynamic.

It's then uploaded to the internet in podcast form. Generally, the episodes are split into three segments: Originally from New Jersey, Nigro has been living in Seattle for 10 years and doing comedy for. A year into their hot real life lesbians, they started HTWHD as a way to explore topics and personal histories they felt they didn't have time or space for in not standup.

Hot real life lesbians couple then veers off into a twenty-minute conversation about the pitfalls and prejudices of Western medicine and science. I first tuned in back in January to listen to Seattle drag queen Cucci Binaca talk about being a competitive athlete in high school and her path to drag.

But sometimes bigger guests like J. Samson even make an appearance on the.

This list is more like "A couple of hot real-life lesbians augmented by our "real life lesbians don't all look like Gina Gershon who is in fact not. Ridiculously Hot Lesbian & Bisexual Women. By the team Emily of Real World D.C, Jodie Foster, and Amber Heard. Dear Cheesus. Top 10 Sexiest Celebrity Lesbians Top 10 Famous Sexy Lesbians with a female fan, personal trainer and life coach, Meri Sopanen. 9.

I get it. I asked the couple if there was any hesitancy about centering their relationship in front of an anonymous audience.

You can listen to past episodes. Jasmyne is a staff writer at The Strangercovering music, film, and visual art.

Having grown up on the Eastside, she likes the view from this side of the bridge. This is the future gays want. Follow Email More articles.

Jasmyne Keimig Jasmyne is a rela writer at The Strangercovering music, film, and visual art. You might also be interested in these: Just 35?

Newsletters Sign lesbjans for the latest news and to win free tickets to events. Stranger Tickets Buy tickets to events around Seattle.

This Week's Issue Print Archives.

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