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J ust over 16,km from Paris, on the edge of the southwest Pacific Ocean, lies a little piece of France. But this far-flung outpost of Gallic life might sex date free New Caledonia be officially French for much longer. On Sunday, residents of the cluster of islands will vote on their future in an independence referendum.

The state-run mining company, SLN, began its operations there inless than three decades after New Caledonia became an overseas territory of France. They hope this will change if the territory votes to cut ties with France.

The town is otherwise. If the vote does fail, the territory may be allowed to hold two further referenda over the next four years.

This violence triggered an exodus of non-Kanak residents from Thio, which gutted the village. Today, there are dzte shops, few farms and a population of just 2, people. Yet the mine remains. Bull is one of the few non-Kanak sex date free New Caledonia who remained in Thio following the siege.

His small farm also serves as accommodation for the rare tourist passing through Thio, though he mainly welcomes out-of-town workers from the. But they often fail to succeed in the big city.

The capital offers luxuries not seen elsewhere in the region. Metropolitan French immigrants often enjoy a wage much higher here than their earnings in France; the salary of French civil servants, for instance, is almost two times higher in Noumea than in Europe.

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