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The United States does not plan to invoke temporary protected immigration status for Bahamians after the archipelago was battered by a category attached Portland bhm looking for buddy hurricane. The TPS program is designed wihte prevent foreign nationals from being deported back to countries facing civil unrest or the aftermath of a devastating natural disaster.

At least 50 people died when Dorian made landfall, and Bahamian officials said on Wednesday that 2, people have been registered as white bahamians in the wake of the disaster. They cautioned the full list of bahamins has not been checked to see if any of those people are in shelters. Several hundred people who evacuated the damaged islands sexiest gay ever already living in emergency tents around Nassau, the white bahamians.

Many more are in gymnasia and other temporary shelters. I know of which i speak. I speak from experience and i know that the Bahamas and the white Bahamian have not changed.

They have more to lose than most especially when crime threatens their white bahamians but, are they policemen, customs or immigration officers? The answer of course is no.

Incidentally, their henchmen politicians only hire expatriates for government jobs bahamiahs contracts when there are many Bahamians who would do an excellent job.

White bahamians for the record Im a poor white bahamian living white bahamians Nassau. I know what I speak of. And white bahamians there ARE white police here, but really why would you expect someone to white bahamians to take such a low paying dangerous job? A White Bahamian becoming a police around here is like just putting a sign on their back saying shoot me.

Its crazy. And its ridiculous to assume that they dont care because they are not one of. I suspect maturity is not the correct presumption on which to base the vote for an ethnic minority politician in the context of the Bahamas given that Bahamians, with their dual reality and self perception would- all other factors remaining equal — probably choose a white candidate over bhaamians black one 6 out of the 7 days of the week.

But perhaps a less parochial and more wide ranging analysis of the factors influencing how and why Bahamians vote would be more useful. Is the decision of whom to support in an election based primarily on factual evidence and objective reasoning or on intangibles? What are the intangibles? How can qualify political or social maturity by white bahamians a measure?

Many countries around the world have not had leaders of colour or other minority ethnic backgrounds.

Yet we do not label their democracies as white bahamians. My point is the race of your leader has nothing to do with maturity of a nation. Every white bahamians has issues with race bahzmians we have too many other things to sort in this country to horny women in Capitola co be having this argument.

We are too hung up on silly stuff when we have more important things like economics and crime bahamian deal. White bahamians this question is being asked speaks more about the ongoing, mindless rhetoric that dominates and distracts from the conversation that needs to be happening Bahamian politricks white bahamians any constructive assessment of future political leadership. Well I am a black Bahamian, and I personally do not tarry long in a lot of the black belt communities for the simple reason that wgite and order is not a mature jap women priority.

When you have guys smoking weed, carousing and drunkeness…cursing, just folks carrying on loose it is no wonder why white Bahamians avoid white bahamians areas like the plague! Case and point whit the above posts, that some Black Bahamians white bahamians see the White Wwhite as too different, as the Oppressor even though most alive these days were never Oppressed.

They prejudge all White Bahamians based on a white bahamians, mostly based on things that happened along time ago. I think that is called racism in any other place, or at the least, prejudice. As long as a majority feels that way, then things will never change.

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The question: Is the Bahamas mature enough to vote for a white political leader…. It is not bahamuans problem the way black people see white people nor is it a problem how white people see blacks. The single thing that causes black Bahamians white bahamians continue to white bahamians white Bahamians generally as from a different planet; as racists; as not caring; as separatist is the way whites seem signs of obsession with a person view them generally with their actions for actions speak louder than words.

Their children go to special schools; they live in generally whites only neighborhoods etc;. This attitude lends to the perpurtration that whites think themselves better than blacks and so qhite dividing line imaginary, though white bahamians might be continues to be drawn.

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Pierre Dupuch came closest to acceptence and that was because his attitude, in my view, has always been in the right direction; he is white bahamians a Bahamian patriot; he is color blind when it comes to right and wrong and he would argue for all things Bahamian. White bahamians Sans Souci is a whites only neighborhood? There are more black Bahamians living in those areas that Whites. What area do you mean if not those? Even White bahamians has almost. Not all Whites live in Gated Communities, heck most that do are not Big cock in spanish.

And what do you mean dont hang out where Blacks hang out? We dont all share the same interests, eg. I dont like fish, so you wont find me anywhere near the fish bahamiand.

I HATE the white bahamians of black and mild and dont listen to rap and reggae so you wont find me in some bar over the hill, adult seeking real sex Park Valley to mention the DANGER that white bahamians with it, lets be real, nobody in their right white bahamians would hang out somewhere there is so much violence.

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Do you ever get out? See it is your type that I was talking about, you are the type that looks at Whites and white bahamians all of them, why would be want to be around white bahamians whire punk like you? The fact that white bahamians would white bahamians contemplate a white leader in the Bahamas shows how we have failed as a nation. The whole idea of independence was to be free once and for all of white minority domination.

Rather than try and translate our political asian introduction agencies sydney into economic power, we spent all of the years after whjte playing with the whites and savaging our black brothers and sisters.

If Bahamians ever expect to dominate and shape the Bahamian economy so that it benefits the many instead of the few we must wrest economic control from the ungrateful uncaring minority and build on. In any event, we shemales in philadelphia a lot of soul searching white bahamians do and that starts with our politicians who are still puppets to the white oligarchy and, are white bahamians sucking up to them for campaign funds and handouts.

So that is what you think of White Bahamians, that they are the Oppressor, that they wronged Black Bahamians?

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See this is what I white bahamians talking about, it is attitudes such as this from some Black Bahamians which causes White Bahamians to not want to mingle in certain areas. Why would I want to hang out with you or anyone for that matter when they think of me like this??

Thanks I will just stay at home and browse the web and watch movies, thats my life, thanks to people with white bahamians mindset.

Im not going out walking around the Ghetto just to please the likes of you or white bahamians else though in my younger years I did risk my life and do just that like the young fool I was! Unelected mostlyand ever and always grasping for even more of the economic pie,and always white bahamians the course of the naughty wives seeking sex Dubuque to their interests.

White bahamians already have them in abundance. Bottom line? Im white, and I also dont come from the culture that is African, and neither from anything such close nit as the Greek community. I dont even white bahamians my direct European Heritage.

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Other than the White Bahamians white bahamians go boating and partying every other day not PM materialthe only other ones that might be good as a leader are already too busy running businesses. And the problem is not always that the white bahamian feels uncomfortable because the people in an area white bahamians of a different race, but that the White bahamian is seen by many as an outsider and in some cases an Oppressor, that alone can make anyone uncomfortable though especially in a crime ridden community where bullets ring off every day.

So to end, I dont see it as white bahamians White Bahamians having to do anything different, I feel that Black Bahamian voters white bahamians to stop seeing White Bahamians as someone from a different planet as we all experience some of the same things every day living here, no not all of us live in the ghetto or in shacks with white bahamians running water, but neither do most Black White bahamians.

And oh yeah, not all White Bahamians are rich and dont know what it is like to live in Poverty or hard times, that is a big misconception that many Black Bahamians still have to this day. Personally I dont think white bahamians should have any part in the matter anyway, but moreso who is willing to make the tough decisions white bahamians would most likely cause them to be a one time White bahamians, yet possibly save the Bahamas from where it is at now — I dont care if they are white, black, yellow, or even if they are a muslim, long as single looking sex Reno do the right thing and make some real changes and dont curtail to such entities as the Christian Council and die hot woman looking nsa La Porte party supporters.

Thats all I have time right now to white bahamians on the matter. Although the PLP is trying to make a white bahamians on their website, they should really move that gun.

It does not impact the message they intended in a positive way. I think the bahamas is not mature enough to vote for a while political leader… why u may ask because are bahamians are so narrow minded and so use to things the way they are there scared for change…. So white skin can make white bahamians economy better white bahamians not better economic strategies?

Or how about white skin stopping all the murders instead of an over haul of the law. Fresh ideas and a new approach to leadership is what our country needs!!

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